One of Epec’s key objectives is to help customers continually improve the time-to-market of their R&D projects. To achieve this, Epec’s product and services portfolio requires new innovative solutions. Epec’s customers strive to develop high quality and high performance control systems as quickly as possible. This is only possible with a combination of high quality hardware and software, together with quality and customer specific services from Epec.

Epec’s customers have different strategies for investing in resources for developing their control systems. Some of our customers develop and maintain their own R&D organization, while other customers keep their organization light and depend on Epec and other partners, for expertise and resources (developers and testers). Epec has strived to develop their services, so that they can offer each customer a suitable package, consisting of technical training, guidance, programming, testing and application maintenance.

As in almost any project, including the application development of machine control, the old saying is valid; well-planned is half done. Preliminary Design Services are implemented with quality, and according to standardized operations. This is what allows the customer together with Epec, to specify the requirements for the system to be implemented, interfaces, and implementation principles to such a level, that the time spent on programming testing, will be reduced.

Epec has an ambitious goal, to develop our Preliminary Design Services to such high quality, that all of our customers will choose us to take part in their control system projects. This way, through cooperation between Epec and the customer, we can better ensure that the project  is executed with the best quality and cost-efficiently.


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